Moving Simulator Ride – Minimum height requirement to ride 100cm – Seats 6 people at a time – Many different short movies to experience.

Now $5.00 per person with a limited special offer of 40% of the regular price.



$5 pp

  • Many different short movies to experience, fun for all ages.
What is 9D?

Your senses will be overwhelmed with the stimulating and exciting 3D movie rides with surround sound, coupled with "active motion" luxury seats and dramatic effects such as rain, fog, lightning, wind, snow, touch, feel and more. 

What happens in the Cinema?

It seats 6 people at a time and you are strapped in to experience the adventure

What short films are played?

Many different dimensional titles from roller coaster, nature, science

What are the films rated?

No rating but are all family friendly

How long does the film play for / ride last?

Approx. 5 minutes

Do I need to be a certain height / weight to go on the ride?

Over 100 cms to ride with a parent, Over 130 to ride alone.

Is this ride suitable for people in wheelchairs?

The 9D cinema does not have wheelchair access.

Can I book this ride online?

Online bookings are not available for this ride. Sessions run every 15 minutes.

Is this ride available in party packages?

It can be added on to any package

Operating Times

School Holidays

11am to 8pm every day

Out of school holidays

Thursdays and Fridays 5pm to 8pm
Saturdays 11am to 8pm
Sundays 11am to 6pm